The Fats Boys
Tribute to Fats Waller
« The Fats Boys » is a tribute to the great composer and musician Thomas « Fats » Waller. New York pianist and singer between the 1920s and 1940s, he was well known for his vitality, good humor and friendliness, caracteristics which his disciples have taken as their motto!

Brenno Boccadoro, professor of musicology at the university of Geneva and expert in piano stride, plays on the piano. Adriano Bassanini and Thomas Winteler, well reputed musicians on the national and international jazz scene, complete the trio, respectively on the trumpet and the clarinet.

In addition, this trio also interprets other great themes, composed by Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet and Jelly Roll Morton among others.

Adriano Bassanini (trumpet, vocal)
Thomas Winteler (clarinet, soprano sax)
Brenno Boccadoro (piano)

Thomas Winteler  + 41 76 374 81 63

Adriano Bassanini  +41 77 204 93 23